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Public and private sector organizations throughout the world are increasingly concerned with improving occupational safety and health (OSH). In both developed and developing countries, the rapid pace of technological change, combined with the persistence of unsafe or environmentally threatening working conditions, has served to focus attention on the need to create a safe, healthy working environment and to promote a new safety culture at the workplace. Organizations increasingly seek OSH professionals who can catalyse these processes, and it is not always easy to find professionals with the right skills.

AiFOS è una associazione sindacale datoriale e professionale costituita in base all’art. 39 della Costituzione che rappresenta aziende e singoli formatori che hanno tra gli scopi quello della formazione. L’Associazione, rappresentativa a livello nazionale, associa aziende, private e pubbliche, di servizi e di consulenza, aziende e studi professionali che operano nel settore dei lavori edili e dell’ingegneria civile, aziende che impiegano nei rispettivi settori l’uso di macchine e attrezzature nonché aziende che operano nel settore della sanità pubblica e privata.


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HSE publishes a comprehensive range of information and guidance on our website. You can find out what the health and safety law requires by searching under the relevant topic or industry section, and all of our publications are free to download.


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IOSH is the Chartered body for health and safety professionals

A wide variety of Community measures in the field of safety and health at work have been adopted on the basis of Article 153 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (ex Article 137 TEC). European directives are legally binding and have to be transposed into national laws by the Member States.

Addressing workplace safety and health in the healthcare sector will ensure high-quality patient care Oct 30, 2014

Reducing workplace accidents: advice for employers; Employing workers who may be at increased risk

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